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Maine Coon Kitten, Tortie Female, Onyx


Everything about Onyx is very long. She has long legs and a long tail. And, of course, being a Maine Coon kitty, Onyx enjoys her luxurious long soft coat. The way she is growing looks like she will become quite a large cat.

This Maine Coon girl is very playful and quite an acrobat. She has been potty trained and socialized. She is trained to accept brushing and trimming claws without a fight.

Onyx weighed 5.2 oz at birth.  At 2 months of age, she was 3.1 Lb. She is growing and developing very fast.

Right now, Onyx lives near Tuscon, AZ. This beautiful tortie Maine Coon kitty will be a precious addition to a loving family.

Tortoiseshell cats are believed to bring good luck.

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Name: Onyx

Sex: Female

Breed: Maine Coon

Birth Date: June 15, 2023

Color: Black tortoiseshell (tortie)

Mother: Umay

Father: Nimbus

You can read and see photos of the parents here

Status: Available



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