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Umay and Nimbus Became Proud Parents of Four Maine Coon Kittens

New Maine Coon Kittens are Born!

It seems like only yesterday, our beautiful Maine Coon cat, Umay was a little kitten herself. And yesterday, she became a proud mommy of four Maine Coon kittens herself. This was Umay’s very first pregnancy at the age of two.

When she became pregnant her behavior changed very quickly. She became apprehensive around humans and her own husband, Nimbus. Fortunately, Nimbus is a gentleman. He yields to her every tantrum giving her no room for provocation.

The last couple weeks were the worst. Umay wallowed in her misery. She was becoming very impatient and restless. Once, when we prepared our dinner and started setting the table, she jumped on the dinning table and started rolling demonstratively right in front of us. She tried to communicate to us how miserable she felt.

Image: Umay on the table

Umay felt so ready to be done with her pregnancy.

And finally on June 15th, she became very vocal. She meowed while looking at me with an expression of despair in her eyes. She was definitely scared of the sensations coming from her own body. Umay didn’t want me to leave the house. She was very vocal even when I stepped out for just a few minutes to take care of the farm.

We almost skipped going to the gym yesterday. But, she became very tired and finally fell asleep. When we returned, she was very relaxed and happy to see us. And she still demanded our presence.

That night, Umay made sure that we were aware of her every sound. Her contractions began late at night. And she quickly began birthing. That night, Umay gave birth to four beautiful and very large kittens.

Two of the kittens are black with red markings. They took after their dad, Nimbus. Nimbus is a solid blue and very large Maine Coon cat.

The other two kittens are orange just like Umay. The markings on their faces are very similar to Umay’s markings.

So, we became proud witnesses of new members of our family coming to life. Happy Birthday little babies! Happy Birthday Umay and Nimbus!

Image: Umay with her kittens

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