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Who Would’ve Thought Kittens Could be so Boring

Well, I wanted to say, “Who would’ve thunk…”. However, regardless of how you put it, the kittens are boring. They are so boring that I actually forgot they exist.

Today, I walked by a box, thinking, “What is it? I need to through it away.” Can you imagine that? And then, I saw sleeping kittens in the box. Well, I guess, I shouldn’t throw that away. That big box though was a reminder that we have little kittens! Yay! … They are still sleeping.

All they do is sleep and eat. The eating part isn’t very exiting either. May be for Umay it is? However, she is pretty bored too. In fact, she is looking for a wall to climb. We are all bored.

Image: Umay with kittens

Now, are these Maine Coon kittens different from your average no breed cat? They most definitely are.

When we lived on KimRidge Farm in Kentucky, we had barn cats. Those cats were functional farm animals believe it or not. They kept rodents in check in our feed barn, chicken coop, and the kitchen garden. (We also had a homestead garden. But it was too far from cat’s reach in the back forty.)

Ok, maybe my life was busier. We had a milking goat, a myriad of chickens, our wonder cats, and many other things. Now, we have three male sheep, a myriad of chickens, rabbits, and our wonderful Umay and Nimbus. We are still quite busy on our hobby farm, but why do I feel so bored around these kittens?

I can tell you one thing. These kittens are different.

First of all, these kittens came out weighing 5.5+ ounces each. I’ve never seen newborns this big. Our tabby cat Nicky gave birth to a dozen at a time. I cannot even possibly imagine harboring more that 4-5 kittens of that size in a womb. In fact, Umay looked and felt pretty big and miserable at the end of her pregnancy.

Second, those little ones from Nicky were up and running in no time. Umay’s little babies seem to be different. All they do is sleep and eat. Well, they do other things, but Umay takes care of the diaper part, thank goodness. That’s it! They have been asleep since they were born! They’ve been sleeping for nine days straight!

Today, I decided to weigh them again. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have almost doubled in size.

The only excitement I see in the box is changing their sleeping positions. Here is one more thrilling picture of the kittens:

Image: Maine Coon kittens sleeping

Big sigh…

Umay is resting a lot as well. She is proven to be a very caring and protective mommy.

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