Image: lemon grass
Image: lemon grass

First Garden after Years of Travel Around the World

Coming Home

Four years of travelling in Europe, Asia, and South America made us very home sick. We purchased our property site unseen and returned to the States in the months of winter with just four suitcases and camera backpacks. The site of the new small kitchen garden just outside of the barn-house mud room was incredibly welcoming. We dug this garden with shovels as we didn’t have any equipment just yet.

The soil is still infertile in this garden and needing a lot of care. I am so glad I took a lot of pictures of our gardening because now I can look back and enjoy every moment we experienced once more. It is such a comforting experience especially after an extended journey around the world, living in hotels, and being deprived of the usual pleasures brought by home. I will never take the indulgence of gardening for granted.

Image: Kitchen garden
Our first garden was done by double digging in place where grass used to grow.

Image: garden terracing on the slope
Tomato seeds are sprouting on the garden terraces.

The first sprouts are emerging after a couple of weeks of watering our little garden and protecting it from other plants encroaching on its territory. Cucumbers and melons are coming up on the top two rows and different varieties of tomatoes in the remaining rows.

Plant the Seeds and Watch them Grow

What can bring more joy than watching your seeds to emerge from the ground. It is surprising to see the new growth in this soil. It was so infertile at the beginning!

Image: cucumber cotyledon
Cucumber cotyledon
Image: melon cotyledon
Emerging melon looks just like the cucumber
Image: emerging bean plant
Beans are pushing through the mud
Image: new garden
Sprouting tomatoes

Everything else around the garden has grown a lot already. We had very pretty irises, day lilies, and varieties of mint in different places around the house.

Image: lemon mint
Lemon grass mint was established by the previous owners


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