Image: hens and roosters on the farm
Image: hens and roosters on the farm

Hens and Roosters on the Farm

Our hens and roosters are free ranging and eating whatever their heart desires. Fed with kitchen food scraps, seeds, and alfalfa supplements, they keep pecking seeds and bugs day in and day out. These happy chickens get plenty of nutrition, exercise, sunlight, and excitement.

Black-Laced Gold Wyandotte Hens and Roosters

Image: hens and roosters on the farm
Black-laced gold wyandotte rooster with his harem.

Black-laced gold wyandotte hens and roosters are spectacular ornaments on our farm. In spite of they festive attire, their personalities are very calm, friendly, and social. They come when called, allow us to pick them up, take treats from our hands, and communicate their needs with us.

Image: black-laced gold wyandotte rooster on KimRidge farm
You can see black lacing on the chest and some feathers on the wing.

These roosters are big and so pretty. Their tales are black with iridescent emerald reflections, and the silky and fluffy capes are the color of sassafras. Cape is the section of plumage covering neck and shoulders. The roosters are true gentlemen with their hens.

Image: black-laced golden wyandotte hen
Black-lace gold wyandotte hen

Wyandotte hens are also quite large and very graceful. Look at the feathers on this beauty! The hens lay reddinsh-brown eggs with ocher-color yolks. The eggs are delicious and healthful.

Image: black-laced gold wyandotte rooster

This wyandotte rooster is proudly showing off this colors.

Welsummer Chickens on the Farm

Image: welsummer hen on kimridge farm
Welsummer Hen

Welsummer chickens can be gray or brown in color with beautiful black-laced honey-color capes. These birds are very maternal and protective. And they are also very pretty.

Our hens are laying light-brown to red-brown delicious eggs.


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