Image: Maine Coon cat in square baskets
Image: Maine Coon cat in square baskets

Umay Likes Square Shapes

I read somewhere that cats like squares. If you put square-shaped objects near cats, they will sit on or in them. Cats like boxes, rectangular sheets of paper, books, square pieces of furniture and so on. If you draw squares or even just corners, cats will claim them.

I never paid attention to this feline “sqarephilia” until I read that one article. But then I noticed that my cat likes to claim anything that is square.

So, I was using these baskets to wash my raw fleeces in preparation for carding and spinning wool. When I was done, the baskets were washed, dried, and placed in a stack on the kitchen counter. As soon as they landed on the counter, Umay immediately jumped in. She had some difficulty fitting in the small containers. But at the same time, she refused to move.

Here she is in her new square lounge.

Image: Umay likes square objects.

Even though, she barely fits in there, she is absolutely mesmerized with the shape.

Later on, we observed her climbing into every cardboard box she sees. No matter how little it may be. If she can’t lye down in it, she would simply stand in it. Isn’t it amazing?

Image: Umay is claiming the baskets.

Umay is trying to readjust to fit better. She has no intention to leave her spot.


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