Image: box turtle
Image: box turtle

Coexistence of Wild and Tame

Image: pullets and box turtle

I stepped out the house this morning and was pleasantly surprised by this welcomed visitor from the woods.

The Box Turtle

The box turtle came over and settled down by the porch. This little female turtle has nothing to worry about being so well protected by its strong carapace. The turtle is just sitting here and looking around as I move about the yard.

Image: box turtle
Box Turtle

The Pullets

The chicks came out of the coop and ran towards the house to see if there are any treats prepared for them. The strange-looking visitor immediately caught their attention. Taking turns, the pullets climbed on the log to take a better look. The turtle didn’t seem to be bothered by the chickens in the least.

Image: pullet observing the box turtle
Pullet watching the turtle

The pullets quickly lost interest in the turtle and went about their business. It’s fun to live on a farm surrounded by nature and observe how wild and tame animals can coexist.


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