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Terminology of Spinning

Terminology of Spinning

Terminology of spinning process:

Batt A wide, rolled-up bundle of carded fleece that unrolls into a rectangle.
Carding Combing and aligning the fibers of the cleaned fleece. A hand carder or a drum carder is used.
Drum Carder A drum-like tool that cards fibers for spinning.
Fleece Raw wool sheered from a sheep or goat before it’s processed into yarn.
Hand Carder A tool used to hand card is typically a large paddle set with 1⁄4 inch (0.6 cm) curved metal tines.
Leader A piece of yarn that is attached to the shaft of a bobbin to start spinning new yarn.
Niddy-Noddy A double-headed tool used to skein spun yarn.
Roving A long, continuous strip of parallel fibers that are ready to spin.
Scour To wash the fleece.
Skein A length of yarn or thread that has been loosely coiled and knotted.
Skeining Winding the thread off the spindle.
Slubs Thick and thin areas in spinned yarn.


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