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Cutting wood has reached a whole new level with the purchase of this incredible log splitter. It is an expensive purchase, but a wise one for our farm. Right now, our sole source of heat in the farmhouse is wood – by choice. Cutting wood is a typical winter-time chore.

A Rough Start to the Woodcutting Season

Up until now, cutting wood has been quite an ordeal.

First of all, we didn’t have a good chainsaw. The saw that we’ve had was very slow cutting and difficult to handle. In addition, it was in repairs constantly. Winter is coming, however, and we need to cut wood. About three weeks ago, we cleared our work schedules with one purpose – to cut wood. We drove to the trees that we planned to cut, unloaded our equipment only to find out that our chainsaw refused to start. It worked two days prior, but, all of the sudden, it broke on the day we planned to cut some wood.

Second, we had a pretty lousy log splitter. We’ve been splitting logs by hand for years. We used a manual splitter that we purchased at a local hardware store. The splitter handle was made of steel with plastic cover. The plastic had cracked from the undue force. One day, the plastic broke and a small fragment flew into my husband’s leg like a bullet. He was in pain from the injury for several weeks. It happened last year. We could not continue using the same tool simply because it was unsafe.

With the broken chainsaw and cracked wood splitter, our woodcutting season had a pretty rough start. We knew, we needed to buy better equipment if we wanted to continue heating our farmhouse with wood. And we plan to continue heating our home using the wood burning stove. Shopping was in order.

Upgrading our Equipment

First, we bought a new chainsaw. It’s a 20″ Husqvarna. It’s the bigger and faster model. Although the saw is heavier that its 18″ counterpart, it is much easier to work with because of the cutting speed. Now, he takes a tree down and cuts it into pieces in a fraction of the time. And he is not aching from the extra effort and the uncomfortable handling of the inferior saw we had in the past. What an incredible difference this new chain saw has made!

We selected this dead tree for cutting.
The wedge was cut in 50 seconds.
The whole tree is cut in 1.5 minutes.

Next, we needed a new splitter. He went online researching a good quality hand splitter with good reviews. As he was searching, I said, “Look, we are going to heat our house with wood for as long as we live in the country. We like living in the country and plan to continue our homesteaders’ lifestyle. Why not buy a gas-powered log splitter?” He agreed and started looking for a heavy duty log splitter.

After a good amount of research, he found what he was looking for. And we made the big purchase. The 586 Lb parcel was delivered to our home. The Fedex used forklift and our neighbor helped to load the new purchase onto our truck. We assembled our new splitter the next day. We were so excited to start using it, but the package had a missing part and we had to wait for the manufacturer to send it to us in a separate shipment. The wait for the part was unbearably long. It was so hard to have the splitter and not be able to use it. The part finally arrived and he finished the assembly yesterday morning.

Cutting Wood at a Whole New Level

Splitting logs has become a completely different activity with this new splitter. Not only this is easy, but it’s much safer as well. You don’t have to rely on the aim of manual splitting. And you don’t have chunks of heavy logs flying in the air. This is an easy and gentle way to accomplish the job that we’ve been doing for years the hard way. We had split two pallets of wood in 1.5 hours with the help of our new splitter,

Our work area became a little messy simply because we couldn’t handle the excitement playing with our new toy.

We are ready to split a truck bed-full of logs.
According to the camera timer, the truck bed of wood had been cut in exactly 30 minutes.

This delicate piece of equipment exerts 27 tons of pressure onto a log splitting it like a matchstick. That’s the weight that a loaded quarry truck carries. Pictures below show how it does it.

This dainty construction makes me think of a Damsel fly. Having a propensity to name things, I gave our new splitter a very special name. From now on, she is known as Damsel.

This block of white ash is about 20″ in diameter.

Damsel in Action


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