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Stewed Green Tomatoes

Stewed Green Tomatoes

My Remaining Tomatoes from the Garden

The summer garden has come to an end. My tomato garden has been harvested last week and replaced with winter plants. The green tomatoes had been hanging on the vines waiting to be harvested. The did not ripen because of the cooler temperatures.

Green tomatoes for canning

Two years ago, I made green tomato relish. We liked it better than cucumber relish on our burgers until I made my own cucumber relish recipe. We still have tomato and cucumber relish along with other marinaded and pickled (lactofermented) vegetables. That’s why, I decided to try making stewed green tomatoes.

Preparing the Tomatoes for Canning

The tomatoes were washed. I removed the blemishes. Some of the ripened red and purple (Black Cherry) tomatoes were mixed in. They add a nice colorful accent to the appearance not to the taste.


Packing the Jars

I cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters. The larger varieties were cut into similar size pieces. Skins and seeds are left intact. Next, I added a quarter teaspoon of pickling (non-iodized) salt in each pint jar.

I filled the jars with with the tomato pieces and pressed the tomatoes with my knuckles to squeeze the juice out until all tomatoes were covered in their own juice. No water is needed for this recipe.

Stewed green tomatoes

Keeping the appropriate head space, I closed the jars and canned them at five psi for ten minutes. The resulting stewed tomatoes have incredible flavor. They will be great in winter salads, salsas, soups, or on their own.



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