Image: Handmade soap bars
Image: Handmade soap bars

Soapmaking Guide: Introduction

Soapmaking Guide is an ever-expanding wealth of knowledge of science and art underlying soap creation.

The Guide is easy to read for beginners and can be useful for experienced soap makers who strive to refine their knowledge of the principles behind making soap and creating soap recipes.

Soapmaking Guide is not a compilation of soap recipes. There are so many excellent recipes online. My goal is to convey the fundamental principles that give you the freedom to design your own soap recipes using the best ingredients to fit your needs.

Image: Handmade soap bars

With the knowledge you will be able to craft soaps with the oils of your choice. The sky is the limit!

The first four chapters give you the general information about homemade soap and its ingredients. Chapter Five is the ever-expanding glossary of soap-making terms. It is useful for a beginner to reference the chapter as you read other sources. Bookmark the page – you will find it useful. You will eventually become familiar with the jargon. The soapers’ lingo is used in this book, other soapmakers’ literature, in forums, discussions, and other sources. It is important to understand the terminology and use it in your communication with other soap makers.

I hope you find my Soapmaking Guide useful and enjoyable.