KimRidge Farm Diary

Cutting wood has reached a whole new level with the purchase of this incredible log splitter. It is an expensive purchase, but wise for our farm. Right now, our sole source of heat in the farm house is wood – by choice. Cutting wood is a typical winter time chore. A Rough Start to the Woodcutting Season Up until now, cutting wood has been quite […]

My Remaining Tomatoes from the Garden The summer garden has come to an end. My tomato garden has been harvested last week and replaced with winter plants. The green tomatoes had been hanging on the vines waiting to be harvested. The did not ripen because of the cooler temperatures. Two years ago, I made green tomato relish. We liked it better than cucumber relish on […]

A Sudden Start of the Season The deer season has started and we have opened our season with thee new deer. This is an unexpected a pleasant surprise for both of us. Weeks of preparation, which included a purchase of new deer rifles, the new sheepskin footware with fur. New warm clothes, and a lot of work out (on my part) to regain strength and […]

Winter gardening is much easier and more rewarding on our farm than gardening in the summer. The delightfully cool winter weather fosters the limitless time spent outdoors. The refreshing winter breeze invigorates the body and the soul of the humans and animals, but it slows down the plant metabolism, making it possible to survive only for the hardy and highly adapted plants. The freezing soil […]

Yesterday, I had a separation anxiety – of a different kind. My hot process soap separated. The oil-like liquid was floating on top of a curd-like chunky mess that sunk to the bottom. It looked almost as if the saponification had reversed itself (which is impossible) and my lye and oils parted their ways. Although I never had anything drastic like this happen in my […]

“Simply Nature” Soap Recipe

50% Olive Oil
30% Deer Tallow
20% Sunflower Oil
5% Lye Discount
Water/Lye = 2/1

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